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Steven Wall

Steven Wall

United States of America

The Wall Family Tree

     NAME             BORN          DIED        MARRIED TO            

Patrick Wall         abt.1716                   Mary ?                

Their Children;

Patrick Wall       March 28, 1746               Mary Linnekin        
Their Children;

James              abt.1765                     Lydia Waldron
Betsy             March 25,1768                 Nathaniel Bryant Jr.
Catherine          abt.1772                     Charles Mahoney
Martha             abt.1775                     William Hart
John               abt.1777                     Sarah Hart
Sarah              abt.1780                     Samuel Riley
Polly or Mary     July 18, 1782                 John Montgomery
David              abt.1783                     Lucy Simmon
Isaac              abt.1784                     Susanna Keith
Ephriam            abt.1786                     Electra Clark

John and Sarah's children;

John               abt.1801       abt.1870      Susan Hart

John and Susan's children;

Vinal           November 13, 1848               Ella Hawes
Nancy Jane

Vinal and Ella's children;

Sidney       December 17, 1877                  Francis ?
Mable        March 27, 1880                  
Howard       October 28, 1883                   Mary Gross
Bert         April 21, 1886
Edward       September 21, 1888                 Grace Keizer
Everett      December 9, 1889                   Grace Poole
Gracie        1892                 1894
Harold       November 10,1893      1930         Adeline Simmons

Harold and Adeline's children;

Hilda       August 24, 1920      June 18, 1981  George Burton
Lawrence    August 8, 1921       June 6, 1997   Carol Hill
Percy       March 17, 1923                      Arlene Shannon
Harold      March 17,1924        March 11,1987  Phyllis Savage
Merton      September 8, 1925    April 17,1980  Marjorie Winslow

Hilda and George's children;

Carolyn      1939                               Carrol Martin/Robert Standley
Patricia     1940                               Ralph O'Brien
George Jr.   1954    

Carolyn and Carrol's children;


Patricia and Ralph's children;
Ralph IV

Lawrence and Carol's children;

Lawrence Jr.  1942
Gary          1947                               June ?
Lester                                           Carole Hasselbauer

Lester and Carole's children;

Leslie Ann    1985
Ryan          1987

Percy and Arlene's children;

Dianna       1952                                Robert Gayton/Donald Dionne/John Mimmovich

Dianna and Donald's children;


Dianna and John's children;


Harold Phyllis's children;

Harold Jr.   1947                               Carol McKinney
John         1949                               Linda Franklin/Phyllis Riffle
Brenda       1951                               Gary Wise/Gary Webster
William      1954                               Deborah Jones
Steven       1959                               Sandra Watkins/Jean Janeczek

Harold and Carol's children;

Kimberly    1969                                Sean Lystra
Summers     1982

Kimberly and Sean's children;

Amber       1997

John and Linda's children;

Tina       1971                                William Stamer

John and Phyllis's children;

Cameo       1985

Brenda and Gary Wise's children;

Crystal    1970

Wayne and Deborah's children;

Jaquelyn  May 24,1979     January 20,1981
Christopher  1982

Steven and Sandra's children;

Stephanie   1985

Steven and Jean's children; 

Lacey      1990
Katherine  1992

Jean's child from prior marriage;

Lindsey    1985